Jone Nielsen at Gallery NYC

SVA Magazine sat down with designer Jone Nielsen to discuss studying in Denmark, daydreams and his latest achievement; being chosen to show his collection at Gallery NYC.

Veronica B. Vallenes S/S 15

Veronica B. Vallenes is known for her clean and simple aesthetics and describes herself as a clash between Nordic simplicity and Parisian chic. SVA Magazine took a closer look at her S/S 2015 collection.

Barbara I Gongini

Expectations were high when Barbara I Gongini showcased her S/S 2015 collection on August 5th at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Her gender-free aesthetics and iconic shadows in coal, ash and smoke glided down the incredible runway show including couples or twins in a choreographed installation.

JÅAL Atelier

JÅAL Atelier revolves around modernity, unexpected details and quiet coolness.

Epilogue A/W 14

The Epilogue-woman is modern and international, yet classic and minimalistic at the same time. With minimal layering and delicate lengths, Epilogue breaking in as a new household name for Scandinavian women.

Mardou&Dean A/W 14

The A/W 14 collection proves that Mardou&Dean has settled for a fashion idea that works for both consumer and creator. The formula is a perpetual developing process where their vital fundamentals stand strong, centered and timeless and once again proving that leather and denim can be both universal and abiding.


SVEK is a Swedish women’s wear brand that offers a minimalistic and strong contemporary approach to design. SVEK is all about transforming the conventional garments into unique and individual pieces that provide an effective tool of personal expression.

Fashion in a can

The message conveyed by a Chanel shopping mall is not hard to read, and makes us reflect on how the world of fashion is driven today. Perhaps fashion has moved from hand-craftsmanship and art, to mere commodities.

This is the future

Norwegian Fashion Hub is a technology and design meets craftsmanship conference and network arena for the industry professionals.
– This is an interdisciplinary industry and it relies on many individual careers; all in need of teamwork and networking. The title for this year’s conference is Needlework & Technology – we’re bringing all segments of the industry together under one roof. Sharing our proficiency and experience is key when it comes to moving forward, says Gisle Mardal, project manager of NFH.


– We like to think that Samuji creates sustainable design so that it lasts in time,
both for it’s quality and it’s design.

Ghost House

– We found the perfect location, a beautiful, lost place with reputation of being haunted.

Year of the Snake

2013 is the year of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN 50 years anniversary. To honor the luxurious jewelry brand SVA has created an editorial–exclusively
with their design.

Tom Wood

It’s like the accessories come with some sort of invisible, relaxed and cool attitude that transmits over to the bearer…

Resham Firiri

Leila Hafiz’s latest collection, Resham Firiri,
is a true joy for the eye! Shot by photographer Erik Almås in the breathtaking sceneries of Nepal, her innovative bridal dresses and evening gowns oozes of bohemian elegance.


Inspired by illustrations, pictures, feelings and thoughts about the past, the now and the future – masterpieces are created.


Shangri-La, a mythical utopia in the Himalayas well hidden from modern man, has inspired many creatives in their work.

Ingema Vik 1


Sportswear as a fashion trend has evolved for the past few years, and there is no reason to believe that it has yet reached its peak.



Up’s main focus is to be supportive of emerging Norwegian designers, promoting their work by offering them a chance to exhibit.