A/BARENESS is a new Norwegian Slow Fashion brand. It`s focus is to stay seasonless and timeless as well as ethical & ecofriendly. Based in Nepal and Norway, the brand shows a fusion of elements from the designers` experience and personal view on the two countries.

“We get inspired by the cultural differences between Norway and Nepal, but also within Nepal itself – it is a charming mix of cultures; Nepalis, Hindus Tibetans and Japanese are among the influences that are all stirred together amidst this Himalayan landscape.”

A/BARENESS is a transparent brand that aims to inform the consumers about process behind the products. In their design of clothing and accessories we find the use of organic textiles such as wool, kasjmir and silk, and natural materials such as stone, glass and bone. All production is done in Nepal.

Besides working in different fields of the fashion industry,been life long friends and traveled the world together, the two founders of the brand, Karoline Hestnes and Anne-Marthe Fossum, also has a background from the Norwegian Peace Corps. When working on their final tasks in Nepal and preparing they return to Norway, A/BARENESS was born.

Through their design the girls continue to help by collaborating with a company called “SmartPaani”, (Smart Water), in Nepal. 5 NOK from every product sold goes to improving the quality of the drinking water at Maya Universe Academy, the first free private school for kids in Nepal.

Read more about A/BARENESS here: www.abareness.com
And for more information about their collaboration with “SmartPaani” visit: www.abareness.com/give-back






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