SVA MAGAZINE, founded by Svein Bringsdal and Rikke Straus, is a Norwegian annual high fashion publication. With focus on Scandinavian designs, the glossy magazine invites the audience to experience a merge between high fashion and art; both homme’s and femme’s. It keeps a close eye on Scandinavian fashion, yet it never loses sight of the international fashion scene.

The word SVA derives from the Old Norse language and means smooth surface or smooth rock. Cliffs along the Norwegian coastline have, as a result of rough

and often extreme weather, a polished finish, but are still standing rock steady. The magazine is distributed in more than 28 countries and is based on editorial submissions from all over the world.

SVA is solid, yet pioneering. Raw, yet sophisticated.

Check out issue #9, The Latest, and follow SVA on social media; @svamag on instagram here & facebook here.