Momentary Bliss

Late October, Stefan Dotter in a collaboration with SVA Magazine, exhibited some of his familiar work along with some of the best hidden treasures from his private photography collection.



Barbara I Gongini and Olympus teamed up for the 10th year anniversary of the danish avant-garde fashion brand with an intimate, yet spectacular celebration.


– I met Håkon several times while shooting for this series – often just hanging out with him around the streets of London, in-between his castings or after work, photographing him wherever we went.

Different Days by Julia Hetta

Photographer Julia Hetta brings her dreamy, artistic and romantic portraiture as well as dark and lurid photography to Shoot Galley with her debut solo exhibition Different Days.

Wicked Gravity

Passive body movements combined with levitating objects stimulated by the gravity force evoked the impression of illusion and mirage.


–I found my self surrounded where mountain haze merge.


– I drew natural simple shapes. Some of these shapes turned into woman. Others became colored forms inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian glass, through which I’m watching the reality around me.


Sven Ivar Dysthes career took off when he as a student of the Royal College of Art in London was commissioned to design a wooden casket for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation gift. Now with a career sixty years long he is truly a Norwegian design icon. Dysthes furniture designs have had great success internationally and one cannot think of Scandinavian design chairs without mentioning his furniture designs, amongst them Popcorn, Planet and Laminette. Every chair has it´s story.

1276 × 1052


Designstudents from HIOA are exhibiting the outcomes of their projects based upon the theme of Light, Space and Identity.


Standing out by blending in

Breaking up the human form for blending in with greenish woodland, brownish pine forest ground, grayish stone and mossy landscape are all seen here in the series Eyes as Big as Plates by Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen. Camouflage offer to conceal by protective coloring and substance.