FLOW 16.05-26.05


Designstudents from HIOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science) are exhibiting the outcomes of their final projects in the unit “Product Aesthetics and Cultural Understanding”.  Based upon the theme of  Light, space and identity,  the 45 objects exhibited show an innovative combination of functionality, form, and experimentation with light.

“Light is basic for the experience of our surroundings and ourselves, our cultural belonging and identity.”(Astrid Skjerven, professor at HIOA)

In the exhibition the designers lets us in to their personal interpretations of the theme. Factors such as the northern light, stars, the questioning of beliefs without facts and, a favorite, tranquility, radiates trough the designs.

Especially inspiring was Lasse Ulven Pedersen`s design “Megalight” , a bold moodlight made of stone with a ray of soft light. The contrast gives a feel of ease. 

The exhibition  takes place at DogA untill the 26th of May, and SVA would highly recommend it!




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