Illustrator Hiroyuki Kikuchi

“My thoughts when making this contribution to SVA were that you could hardly find places that had more inequalities in culture, design and life-style as Japan and Scandinavia. Nevertheless, they both have a reciprocal comprehension of their identity and a similar esthetic approach: a minimalistic design base with a few attached elements that give originality to the products. I also think the countries have in common their tradition for a spiritually atmosphere in nature.”
“So in practice, how did I transfer this into my illustrations? I drew natural simple shapes. Some of these shapes turned into woman. And I wanted to dress them up in simple and minimalistic outfits, which I finally found in a collection from the Oslo based fashion designer – Helje Hamre. Other shapes became colored forms inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian glass, through which I’m watching the reality around me.”

/ Hiroyuki Kikuchi



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