Dynamic Vintage

Wool waistcoat Hippy Market
Shirt Hippy Market

Denim jacket Hippy Market
Silk shirt Kiloshop

Wool waistcoat Hippy Market
Turtleneck Wolford
Shirt Hippy Market
Trousers Victoria/Tomas
Shoes Amélie Pichard

Shirt Hippy Market
Wool jumper Espace Kikiwatch
Trousers Kiloshop

Silk dress Assomo
Leather jumpsuit Drome

Shirt Kiloshop
Waistcoat Hippy Market
Skirt Hippy Market

Jacket Kiloshop
Turtleneck Wolford
Shirt Hippy Market
Trousers Isabel Benenato

Photographers Jinling&Sun
Stylist Coline Peyrot
Make-up Qin Huo
Hair Carole Douard
Model Claire Rousseau /IMG Models
Illustrator Chenghua Yang

–As time goes by, memory becomes a swelling in our chest, blurry and unique.
The coordinates of stripes and colours draw a picture of ancient time as the illustrations send us back to our past; the smell of diesel and the delicate touch of paper.
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