Midnight Sun

– For nearly three months in the summer time Iceland experiences permanent daylight that is commonly known as, ‘Midnight Sun’ (…)

47th Floor

– Time stops when you are lost in translation in the middle of Tokyo’s concrete jungle. Spaces shrink and buildings grow higher. The final stop will be the 47th floor.


Go Vertigo!

– Vertigo is when a person feels like they are moving when they are not.


– I met Håkon several times while shooting for this series – often just hanging out with him around the streets of London, in-between his castings or after work, photographing him wherever we went.

Get the Moon Up

–The time when we were younger, doing absolutely nothing all summer. Doing stuff you’re not supposed to do. The times when it didn’t matter if it was night or day.

Gust of Wind

– The shoot is about an early morning in Vienna, when the whole city is sleeping, and you are able to enjoy the incredible sights of the city in the lyrical and nostalgic mood, away from all the tourists. The gust of wind you feel in that morning is the whole beauty of it.

Her Atmosphere

– “If Yves Klein and Sophia Somajo was going on a treasure hunt together, what would that look like?” we asked ourselves, making this editorial. With hand-painted backdrops, crisp Scandinavian designs and metallic elements, we created a story inspired by the scenario.