Director,producer and photographer: Tine Hagfors
Producer and stylist: Erica Pettersen
Director and editor: Andreas H. Ramsdal
Hair/makeup: Steven Pimjang Moldskred
Music: Stian Balducci

Hair/makeup assistant: Daniel Vilches
Styling assistant: Ida Aida Almås
Production assistant: Morten Fjeldseth
Studio: White Light Studios
Models: Mari Borgersen and Håkon L. Stubberud, Heartbreak/Pholk

Fashion film made in collaboration with Up [øpp]. Shown during their fashion show August 15th.

A large irregularity of peaked glacial ice, a ridge found in crevasses, formed by movement and melting of ice. Serac.

– Serac is an abstract fashion film focusing on the interaction between music and fashion, seen through the movement of light. The film invites the audience to view the work of new and established creatives.

Erica Pettersen og Tine Hagfors









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