Tomorrow Morning

– Inspired by the early morning light, we shot this powdery toned beauty editorial to capture the blissful forgetfulness as the first sunlight hits your face and washes yesterday away.


Kitschy Cool

– Inspired by sheared cuts and bold colours, this beauty story features original takes on this spring’s hair and make-up trends accompanied by Line Jorddal’s kitschy cool jewellery.

SVA_Spec-2 uten ramme

Belle de Fleur

Inspired by the scandinavian simplicity and the secrets of nature.


– Inspired by the lens of Lillan Bassman, Helmut Newton and Michael Donovan, the images radiate a sensual, edgy and also timeless feel.

Border line

– Theoretically you can analyze and observe contemporary menswear as a form of post-modern art; today’s post-modernistic eclecticism takes place only partially in the world of fashion.


– A trip of exploration and self knowledge, where the person becomes one with the environment.