Superga meets Esra Røise

Photography by Julie Pike
Text by Madeleine Holth

Iconic Italian shoe manufacturer Superga joins forces with one of Norway’s most pristine illustrators, Esra Røise, and Blender Agency for a special collaboration. The iconic white shoe has followed Røise for years, and for got a colourful make-over for the special capsule collection. Røise states that there was a small degree of fear in joining forces with Superga.

–I mainly work in a two dimensional way with illustrating, so making a shoe design was a bit frightening, says Røise. But most importantly it was a fun experience where she got to challenge herself and the results are truly stunning.

The shoe design manifests Røise’s love for colour and brush-strokes, the precise pencil versus the light airy textures of paint. The classic Superga silhouette has been given a breath of fresh air and a pop of colour and is available from March 2016,

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